SICAME Group provides you with a full range of dedicated safety products to get protected from COVID-19

Personal protective equipment

Face shields, visors, overglasses and goggles, contctless hand key for personal protection against COVID-19

Collective protective equipment 

Signaling, anti-projection screens, cleaning solution dispensers and delineation to maintain a safe distance from anyone

Thanks to its expertise and know-how SICAME Group contributes to fight against COVID-19 pandemic by offering a product range of Personal Protective and Collective Equipment aiming at ensuring and safeguarding employees health at work. Through its Endowment Fund SICAME Group will donate 1% of the value pertaining to the sales of COVID-19 protection products to health facilities, associations and institutions devoted to the fight against COVID-19 and its economic and social consequences (hospitals, residential care homes for seniors, food banks, law enforcement departments, firefighters...). 

Key words

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